“We are very grateful and we would like to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation to customers who have chosen us for the past 10 years.”

“We are always looking for ways to improve ourselves. If you feel you had a poor experience with us or found something not to your liking, please let us know so we can see what we can do to rectify the issue or improve ourselves for the future. Nothing makes us happier than our customers leaving us happy.”

Read what our customers had to say about their eBits PC Laptop service experience.

“After cracking my phone screen I thought I’d need a new phone, but the guys at eBits were able to quickly fix it!”

“Fast Service, Great Prices, and Incredible Customer Service.”

“My 1-1/2 year old Dell Desktop began malfunctioning with viruses/pop-ups/trojans due to our high school age kids downloading weird stuff. The problem became so bad that it somehow compromised our anti-virus programs & fire wall. I saw the eBits store sign while driving to work one morning. I called and the next day took my computer in. They were able to completely clean up my problems in two short days without having to remove/save to disk any of my programs. They even downloaded free and safe virus protection programs to keep my computer running virus-free. More recently our home experienced a short power outage and apparently my surge protector did not work the way it was supposed to…my computer’s power supply was blown. I took my computer to eBits and they fixed and I had it back within 24 hours. Fast reliable service is great these days! I will recommend eBits to everyone I know.”
-Jim D. (Seattle, WA)

“These guys are lifesavers!!!”

“I received superb service with eBits Laptop. My laptop was previously serviced by another local company, which I encountered poor service. As a result, I was apprenhensive to bring in my laptop to eBits. But my fears about my laptop not working was calmed by the care and professionalism of eBits employees. I recommend anytime to go to eBits for getting their computer repaired. You can trust them.”
-Raymond L. (Seattle, WA)

“Thank You eBits. Easy & Painless. Highly Recommended!”

“Jesper, I appreciate how quickly you solved my problem -in a very professional and friendly manner. Having looked at our feedback prior to coming in, I was already hopeful and certainly ended up being a happy customer. Thanks for the Great eExperience.”
-Sabine C. (Seattle, WA)

“What a treasure these guys are! My nephew, the computer guy in the family, recommended eBits. What wonderful service at a great price! No wonder the computer people in the know go there.”
-Nicolette S. (Seattle, WA)

“I have been taking my computer to eBits for over three years and I am always extremely satisfied. The service on my computer is always top notch, as well as affordable, and the helpfulness and friendliness of the owner, Jesper, Ali, Joe, and the rest of this crew is out of this world. I bought a laptop from Jesper and it has been a good computer. Every time I take it in for repair work or services, I always walk out with a smile and my computer fixed. I would recommend eBits to anyone!”

“After Best Buy’s Geek Squad dismissed my concerns with the computer I bought at Best Buy, I went to eBits upon a friend’s recommendation. I found very friendly attentive service, comprehensive and easy to understand analysis. The staff also provided me with options and cost out of each option. I highly recommend eBits to friends, colleagues and clients.”
-Jim E. (Seattle, WA)

“I’ve been taking my Dell M60 Laptop to eBits for over three years. I moved to Seattle from the Midwest to receive my Master’s Degree in Architecture and being so far away from home, it is natural to be cautious of computer repair and service centers. When I had to take my computer in to de-bug the hardware I was happy to find such a genuine and friendly business owner in Jesper. He and his team is reliable and make sure the customer is satisfied. Now, three years later, I’ve only had to use eBits a couple of times, but Jesper remembers me and my father from years past. It’s comforting to know that you can still find “small town” services in the city. I am pleased from all my transactions with eBits and appreciate the little perks. For instance, Jesper made the point to fix my backspace key that had fallen off, for no additional charge. Now my computer operates and looks like new! Thanks eBits!!”
-Anna K.

“The BEST computer Repair Shop in Seattle! i had Bad experience with other laptop repair shops in the area. People @ eBits were not just able to fix my laptop mainboard, PLUS it was wayyyyy cheaper than even sending my laptop back to the manufacture, and Fast Turn Around. Thank you eBits.”

“My laptop had been working fine, but had suddenly started giving me the “blue screen of death” meaning my hard drive was almost fried. I thought that nothing would save my data, and that all was lost forever. I had hundreds of pictures and thousands of dollars worth of music on my computer, which I thought were unsalvageable. I am a student and I didn’t have alot of money to fix my situation, but I needed a working computer, so I brought it to eBits. Jesper and the technicians at eBits not only were able to save my computer from utter doom, they saved all of the data on my hard drive. They did all of this at an unbelieveably low price, because they were so dedicated to customer service. I am eternally grateful to them, and from now on I am using an external hard drive and perhaps getting better virus protection. Thanks eBits! I’ll be a customer forever, but hopefully won’t have any problems to bring me back in.”
-Liz N. (Seattle, WA)

“The University District eBits was a surprisingly positive experience. The customer service was really friendly and understanding. I have never had to have my computer repaired before this, but the financial aspect of my experience here was really great. The explanation of the services to take place was offered freely and thoroughly- no surprises of what I was getting into and no quick-contract deals. I was given options of what could be done and the pricing all seemed fair. There was no extra fee beyond the cost of parts for installing a new hard drive after deciding to make sure my old one did or did not work. The price was under $250 for complete recovery of my data and a working computer. Thank you.”

“I have been to eBits twice now and will continue to use them for my computer repair needs. Other than being near the U-dub (Go Dawgs!), they are a very well run business that I completely trust. Many thanks.”
-Tom C. (Seattle, WA)

“All I can say is WOW! I had heard great things about the store from other people on the UW campus and so decided to stop by when my laptop went dead. I was amazed at how upfront the staff was. They quoted me a price and that was it. There were no extra strings attached or hidden fees.Most of all, I was amazed at the how quickly they got the computer back to me. It was up and running again in no time.”
-Jeremy G. (Seattle, WA)

“We had three of our computers worked on by the team at the U-District store. We were extremely satisfied with their work. One of our laptops required a new motherboard; we decided that it was not worth it. The team recovered all the data files from that laptop.The problems on other laptop and the desktop were solved to our satisfaction. Both machines are now working at their peak performance. Thanks to the team.”
-Roberto A. (Seattle, WA)

“Jesper and his team provided me excellent service at a very reasonable price. What I really appreciated were his succinct explanations of what they were doing, why it was necessary, and how it was a better deal than the competition. Even for a less-than-tech saavy individual like myself, I knew that I was being charged a fair price for relevant services. Genuinely concerned about building a relationship with his customers. Excellent choice for computer repair.”
-Zach C. (Seattle, WA)

“I am a local Independent Filmmaker in Seattle and was referred to eBits PC Laptop in the University District by a technical advisor I have for my current project. They were very personable and put in a lot of extra effort into helping me with a stressful situation having to do my external drive and data recovery. Thanks to their efforts and willingness to keep trying different approaches to recovering my project files and data, I am now able to finish editing my feature film and keep our premiere in London in late March. I would recommend them as a great locally run operation where you as a person are given the attention and help needed to get through the tough times that come up with technical problems.”
-Elliat G. Independant Filmmaker – (Seattle/Berlin) www.elliatcreative.com

“This is the second time I have used eBits for computer issues. Two years ago I purchase a Gateway Tablet. I was super excited about this computer but every since them I have incurred sooo many problems. Last year when my hard drive crashed I searched for a PC repair shop and the one I was recommended to was eBits. I received the best service and my computer was completely fixed. When January of this year rolled around my computer stopped working again. I am so frustrated at the Gateway company and will never purchase another computer from them again. I brought my computer again to eBits simply to have them retrieve my data because I was convinced I would buy a new computer. However as funds are tight I decided to have them fix it. I am sure I have been Jasper and Ali’s worst nightmare because I am constantly calling them asking questions on what they think I should do. Last time I walked into the store Jasper came from the back saying that “it must be Desiree, I recognize that voice.” Every time I call they are very informative and friendly. And to top it all off they were so inexpensive. The first time I went to them I was worried about being ripped off because I know so little about computers, however I can honestly say that I will always trust them with my computer and honestly with my life. Thanks Jasper and Ali!!!!!”
-Desiree (U.W Seattle, WA)

“I work as a translator, and I was halfway through a large job when my laptop hard drive crashed. Luckily eBits was open on the weekend–they were able to recover my data, saving me a whole day’s work of re-translation. eBits is super responsive, and they have very competitive rates. They are a pleasure to do business with, and I would recommend them to anyone!”
-David (Seattle, WA)

“Thank you very much for the data recovery service you did for my damaged external hard drive. I was afraid all of the files were lost, but you were able recover many of them and were very upfront and honest in your diagnosis. I know from personal research that data recovery was going to be a very expensive process, but you were very reasonable in your price quote to me. Also, you went way above and beyond what I expected from you to try to recover my data. Again, thank you so much for your help. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is in need of hardware repair or configuration.”
-Shin S.

“I am a REALTOR who relies totally on my laptop for my living. A few weeks ago, after the hard drive totally crashed, there seemed to be no hope to retrieve my files until I came to eBits. I had visited a couple of other hardware retrieval paces and they were not encouraging and even worse, the prices quoted to try and retrieve my data were very high. My office manager told me that eBits had “saved” another agent’s data in my office who had a similar situation. so I decided to give them a try. Jesper was knowledgeable, helpful and best of all, was able to retrieve my information! He took time to explain how to use the backup hardrive I purchased as well in a way that I, not being a “techie”, could understand. I would not hesitate to recommend him and eBits to anyone and in fact will take the initiative to tell people how he “saved” my business any chance I get.”
-Anna N. (Bellevue, WA)

“My husband and I want to thank all the exceptional employees who worked on our computer related devices (PDA, PC, Mac) in February 2009. Our equipment was very outdated and we were unable to transfer the data from our PDA to newer equipment. As a result, we contacted the University of Washington Bookstore IT department and your company, eBits, was recommended. Dave and I both agree that all the employees at eBits are professional, extremely knowledgeable, and very patient when it comes to dealing with complex computer technology. Service was quick, we were kept informed about the status of our work order, and everyone’s persistence in problem solving was amazing. Ultimately, our computer related dilemmas were resolved. Please thank all the employees for their success in fixing our IT problems. We also appreciate your company’s willingness to recycle our old Mac. Dave and I highly recommend your company to others.”
-Bobbie & Dave (Seattle, WA)

“After taking my Mac to the supposed “Genius Bar” at the Mac Store I was told that in order to fix my laptop I would have to get a completely new Hard Drive. My only option was to send my Laptop away for a Hard Drive Replacement in which I would pay $375.00 plus shipping and handling and I wouldn’t be able to keep my old Hard Drive. I made my way over to eBits where for $225.00 and no shipping and handling I got a new Hard Drive installed the next day and they recovered the contents off my old Hard Drive. I felt Jasper and his team did an excellent job. They were very courteous and run a great business. I would recommend eBits to anyone who is in need of computer repair and is tired of getting the run around. Great service, honest people, convenient, and quality work.”
-Kevin C. (Seattle, WA)

“I am a student so I need my computer for every day activities, when the sound stopped working on it I was very worried, but had been to eBits before and knew they could fix it. They repaired it quickly, and even gave me a discount for being a repeat customer. I would recommend this company to anyone. They are reliable and efficient, and don’t charge by the hour.”
-Margeaux F. (Seattle, WA)

“I’m a grad student at the UW and have had multiple computer ‘emergencies’, including crashes, power failures, etc. Each time I’ve brought my laptop to eBits, they’ve provided reassurance, fair pricing, and most importantly, results! They’ve been honest about what I need to buy (encouraged me not to pay for unnecessary items) and worked diligently to fix my various problems, even recovering lost data. Based on my experiences with them, I trust them and feel confident that they have the customers’ best interest in mind. It’s the only place I’ll go to get my laptop fixed!”
-Lindsey S. (Seattle, WA)

“I received expedient and highly professional service in a very friendly atmosphere. Thanks ebits!”
-B (Seattle, WA)

“Ebits is the best! My hp dv1000 was constantly plagued with problems. Recently, for about a week, I was in ebits every other day with a new problem after I tried to reformat my computer. But the ebits crew were absolutely incredible in getting this terrible laptop back into working condition. They were sympathetic to both my busy uw student schedule(ie were very quick in diagnosing/repairing) and my slim budget( ie taking on responsibility when a part they installed failed or checking on my laptop for free when it started to act up again). They are always friendly, don’t mind explaining what the problem was, and devoted to their customers. They also charge a fair prices for their services. My computer now works better than when I got it. I would recommend ebits to everyone. They are simply the best help I have ever received for my computer. thanks ebits!”
-Alex C.

“I got my computer back quickly and at a really reasonable price. eBits was helpful and prompt and I would definitely go to them again with any computer problem.”
-Damon D. (Seattle, WA)

“As a Mac user, you can imagine my dismay that the PC laptop I just purchased through Craigslist needed to be worked on…in a big way! Jesper and his crew were very sympathetic, and a couple days later I walked out with a fully-functioning laptop. They even threw in MS Office because the seller had given me very dubious copies. I’ve sent friends to them now, and will be tuning up my G5 with eBits before I sell it. Thanks, guys!!!!”
-Valerie V. (Seattle, WA)

“I just had my laptop repaired at eBits, and was very pleased with the service. The laptop is working better than ever, and all for a very reasonable price. I will use eBits next time I need computer repair.”

“My computer froze and the screen went blank a few weeks ago. A scarry situation, when you know nothing about computers but rely on them on a daily basis. I found eBits PC Laptop, and I was impressed with their knowledge and commitment to customer service. The initial diagnostics they ran on my computer said I needed a new graphics card and hard drive. They quickly replaced both, and returned the computer to me. I started having wierd problems. After several phone calls to eBits, with no change, they suggested bringing the computer back to them- they even provided a loaner computer. They had my computer an additional week, and found two more problems. They made the additional repairs, including installing some new hardware, and returned the computer to me- without any additional charges. I was very impressed with their service, knowledge, and commitment to the customer, and I will never go anywhere else for my computer needs.”
-Gary T. ( Seattle, WA)

“Jesper, You and your team were great in getting my laptop fixed so quickly and effectively, and figuring out my printer problems. I’ve been going to you since the first day you opened and it is so reassuring to know that your expertise is available to support my home office.I have referred several people to you and will continue to do so.”
-Eugenia T. (Seattle, WA)

“Jesper and his team were great to work with and fixed my laptop very quickly at a competitive price and offered a great warranty. I’m very possessive about my pc (as are most) but felt totally comfortable leaving it in their hands, Jesper & the eBits team are consumate professionals.”
-Larry W. (Seattle, WA)

“I was attending a class at the University when my laptop crashed. By chance, I walked past the Ebits store and called them the next day. They were able to fix my computer within 24 hours and the cost was reasonable and they didn’t charge me for a rush job, either! The office staff and Jesper were kind and professional.Thank you to Ebits for saving my research project and getting me back online.”
-Judith F. (Seattle, WA)

“When my daughter went off to college, she of course needed a new laptop, so I inherited the Dell she used through High School. Needless to say, it was in dire need of a complete overhaul. I checked it into EBits and they had it back up and running better than ever for under $300. My daughter just completed her sophomore year and my old Dell is still working great with no additional servicing or repairs. I couldn’t be more pleased with the whole experience.”
-Rick M. (Seattle, WA)

“I found your firm thru a Google search, and with some fear dealing with someone I had never heard of, decided to bring in my son’s heavily used laptop based on telephone conversations with you and a person at your Lake City office. I was very pleased with the responsive customer service, knowledge, and turnaround time. I would happily recommend you to others, and did so on a Google review.”
-Geoff S. (Seattle, WA)

“We recently had our desktop repaired and was so impressed with the results we immediately had our laptop serviced as well. It’s not often that you get the type of service that Jesper and his team provides. Not only did they repair our computers but they kept us informed each step of the way. I am very happy we found them and will go to them for all our computer repairs in the future.
-Ken L. (Seattle, WA)

“Being new to Seattle i didn’t know where to go to have some PC laptop issues addressed and simply by luck I walked into eBits on the Ave. I was warmly greeted by the manager, Jesper, and in short order my laptop was checked and and a day later , as promised, it was returned with the inital problem solved. Upon using it again I discovered another problem and took it back to Jasper and although this one took a bit longer to both diagnose and repair again, the job was done professionally and at a very reasonable cost.
I decided to take an older small laptop in for service and for some work on updating e-mail. jasper called me back stating that the hard drive was essentially full and that the compuer was very sluggish. he quoted me a price for a new hard drive and for a complete diagnostic and, once again, the job was done on-time and the computer works better than it did when new some years ago. I took it back in today again for work to establish a second e-mail account and for a problem I’m having with a wireless router.
Jasper put one of his techs on the problem immediately and in less than 1/2 hour all the problems were solved and at no additinal charge.
Not being a techie and being from out-of-the area I’ve now found a PC shop that I will use without hesitation hereafter.
Thanks to Jesper, Joe and the other fine people at eBits for all of your patience and cappable assistance.”
-John K. (Seattle, WA)

“Jesper & Ebits rock! These guys saved my business during a crucial hard-drive crash. My back-up failed and they were able to retrieve my data with SPEED as my wife was having a baby at essentially the same time. They understood how frantic my situation was and made things magically come back together. Brilliant. They were honest, friendly, and charged an extremely reasonable rate for their time. The Ebits crew are like doctors in an emergency room… keeping businesses and artists alive. Don’t hesitate to go to them when in need!”
-R. May, Waking Life Massage & Supply, Inc.

“Hands down the best laptop repair service in Seattle. They were fast, they were HONEST, they were knowledgable. There was no techn-speak bullcrap, just honest, straightforward explanations. I can recommend EBits highly to anyone who has a problem with their laptop. The other place in Seattle for laptop repair (whose radio ads are a joke) is a joke (in service, price, and time) compared to EBits.”
-Fabian A. (Seattle, WA)

“What stands out most to me about my experience with eBits was the dedication Jesper had in saving me money. I took my laptop into eBits because the hard drive was failing and so the software had become corrupted along with many other problems. Instead of having one person look at it and give up, several people worked on my computer until they were able to back up my documents. eBits charged my a third of the price as their competitors would have to back up that much data as well as the labor involved. Not only that, but they found an inexpensive new hard drive for me. When I came to pick up my computer, they had cleaned it as well as replaced some of the old keys that were falling off. On top of all this, they were communicative with me and easy to reach whenever I had any questions. I will definitely return for their help if I have any more computer troubles!”
-Joslyn (Seattle, WA)

“The service I was given was superb, but that was not all. The attention eBits gave me after the work was done was outstanding. You cared about me and my lack of computer skills and were so patient with me.You invited me back to continue teaching me what I need to know for the future. You are the kind of people I am happy doing business with.”
-Joy P. (Seattle, WA)

“I have never been in a more terrifying situation than gazing at the blue screen of death and realizing that I had lost everything on my laptop. After dropping my dying Dell off at EBits I wasn’t expecting any miracles, but I was overwhelmingly surprised. Not only did the outstanding staff recover all of my photos, hardware and music, they did it for an incredible price! I was ecstatic and grateful for such spectacular service, and cannot thank EBits enough!”

“Took my bad hard drive to another store that told me it would cost $2000 to get my data. As a last resort to get my data back I thought I’d try eBits. eBits went out of their way and were able to get my data for a few hundred bucks. Can’t say enough about Jasper and his friendly crew. Highly recommended.”
-Jonk (Seattle, WA)

“I signed up for Clearwire at your store on Lake city way…The process was simple and I had high-speed internet that night! Great deal and great support from your staff.”
-Will T.

“I heard about eBits at a critical moment for my sanity – I had just lost a good chunk of data that was living on a 1TB drive – with spotty backups at best. I was panicy and desperate. My friend mentioned them as a local provider of data recovery and I hoofed it right over to their store. The staff was calm, reassuring, and clearly knowledgeable, though I think this was the largest hard drive to come across their desk to date. They were pretty confident that one of their devices and software tools could do the job. One week later I was walking out with a HUGE smile, because they had recovered what I believe to be ALL my lost data, and they’d done it for an incredibly reasonable price. That price did not seem to be directly related to the large amount of data they recovered. I recommend them to anyone who is in a data-loss pickle. I was also happy to work with a small local company – no need to FedEx the drive to some other corner of the country.”
-Anne G (Seattle, WA)

“Upon returning from a trip, I discovered my La Cie external hard drive for my Mac had died. So much for all those files being stored there! Being a little spoiled by Apple’s reliability, I didn’t know where to go to get my drive repaired. Fortunately, I discovered eBits during a quick online search. They had great reviews and they “spoke Mac.” I brought my drive in, and they quickly walked me through the process. Throughout their work, they kept me informed about what was going on (status reports, potential challenges, etc.) Happily, they were able to recover almost 100% of my files and for the price they originally quoted. I hope I never have to save a dead drive again, but I know I can count on Jesper and his team to save me if I do!”br />
-Mark B (Seattle, WA)

“Great service Jasper. I was worried I was going to have to drop several grand on a brand new IBM laptop, but your awesome tech crew got my laptop back in running condition for a price I can afford on a VERY tight college budget. I mean, I eat Top Ramen most nights of the week and I could afford this repair! No more student loans!”
-Zac M. (Seattle, WA)

“You guys are wonderful! I brought in my Dell laptop thinking seriously that I may need to just let it go and buy a whole new computer, but I was amazed when after only a few hours my computer was running better than ever for about $300. I was treated in such a friendly, respectful manner and Jasper even remembered my wife who had brought in an old computer that had crashed years ago for data recovery – of course Jasper was able to recover all our sacred photos and we will never go anywhere else!”
-Eric F.

“My wife was frantic when she dropped her laptop and destroyed the display – that computer had all her work and financial info on it. We thought we would need to buy a new laptop, but I took it in to ebits and they were able to replace the display with a used one they had on hand – for a very good price. The work was done very quickly. We are very happy with the service we got, and that we got the computer back so soon and did not have to shell out the money for a replacement.”
-Kevin C. (Seattle, WA)

“Alright, don’t get me wrong, BestBuy is a great store, it has fancy displays and lots of products to look at… Expect that all those products are ridiculously overpriced and all the customer service people seem to think the solution to anything is turning it off then back on again. I am an experienced laptop user, I’ve taken my laptop apart at least a dozen times and modded many of my own upgrades into it myself. When my laptop crashed and I couldn’t find out why, I took it to eBits. The people there were fast, friendly and legit. Since I’m addicted to the laptop, I would call nearly every day and talk to Jasper about how it was going. Jasper ( or one of the other qualified technicians ) would tell me EXACTLY what they were doing, and EXACTLY what they were testing… BEFORE they did anything they gave me a call to check if it’s alright… If you can ever get that service at Bestbuy, the moons must be in planetary alignment. I’m sticking wth eBits PC Laptop. It’s affordable, PERSONAL, and quality. Values you simply can’t match at a junk store like BestBuy… Don’t you think it’s ironic best buy always asks you just to buy a new laptop?”

“The U-district eBits was very helpful to me as a student without much money and in need of a working computer for school. They were fast and flexible and patient with me.”
-Amy (Seattle, WA)

“I recently had an unexplainable problem with my LCD on my almost brand new laptop from Dell. I did some googling and decided to try eBits. These guys blew me away. There service was incredibly fast and quickly communicated.
They went out on a limb and negotiated with Dell to help me reduce the price (at no gain for themselves) and had the laptop perfectly repaired in a matter of days.
I was so impressed I’ve told at least 20 friends about them and HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone in the Seattle area and farther.”
-Michael P. (Seattle, WA)

“I had a great experience with eBits! Everyone that I encountered at eBits was very friendly and professional. They met the excellent timeline that they quoted me and fixed my laptop faster than another shop that I called and for less money overall! I would definitely recommend eBits to any friend.”
-Emily Y. (Seattle, WA)

“Smart, friendly, knowledgeable people and fast, well-priced service. What more could one ask for? My laptop was on the fritz and needed some upgrades so I decided to take it to eBits for repair. Jesper checked everything out for me and called to give me an honest rundown on the problems. I loved that they called with costs and to get my permission before making any repairs. Jesper suggested fixes, and some that would save me money and probably not make much money for them. He also offered me the use of a laptop while it was being repaired. When I got the laptop back after the repairs were made, we had one minor snag. One of the techs came to my place of employment to pick up my laptop and they delivered it to me as soon as they were done with the repair. Now that’s service, people!!! And service with a smile, to boot! I’d use eBits again, in a second, and I’d highly recommend them to anyone and everyone.”
-Constance (Seattle, WA)

“Finally a computer store that knows what they are doing! eBits was fast, friendly, and best of all, fair in their pricing. I’m a student at the University of Washington without much money so its nice to have a store nearby that you can trust.”
-Daniel S. (Seattle, WA)

“Thank you so much for fixing my laptop, quickly and professionally. I cannot live without this, as it has all my work and personal information. The service was really excellent in all aspects. I am recommending this to my friends.”
-Tziviah G. (Seattle, WA)

“My laptop was seriously damaged during international travel, and I was afraid I had lost a year’s worth of photos and personal documents which held a great deal of value for me. eBits was recommended by University Book Store as a reliable laptop repair and data recovery company. Jesper and his technicians were always friendly and patient and answered all of my questions.At first they told me it looked unlikely my data could be recovered. However, since they knew that for me this data was irreplaceable, they went the extra mile. Lo and behold, they recovered nearly all of the files from my badly damaged hard drive. Of course I was worried about the cost as I was on a student budget. Jesper knew this and charged me an amount I could pay, even though his technicians put many hours into recovering my files. I simply could not have found such great service at such a reasonable price anywhere else.”

“Thanks for the fantastic service and your sensitivity to my need for a quick turnaround. I’ll be back next time i have a repair issue.”
-Bob A. (Seattle, WA)

“I found eBits online after failed attempts with the ‘Geek” and the “Dog” and I read more than 20 reviews and thought; “Why not?” Being from Michigan I had an established relationship with a repair facility. It was either send the laptop home or have it fixed locally. My instincts were right, and I have to say; “The repairs and service I received from eBits were Five-Star.” Communication was great, repairs were completed and I’m very pleased with the end result. I would highly recommend eBits to anyone before seeing the “Geek” or the “Dog” I didn’t feel pressured and I felt confident the repairs would be done correctly. Thank you…a customer for life, or until I go back home.”
-Ray. (Seattle, WA)

“My computer broke down after spending 11 hours finishing a lab report for school that was due at 8:30 the next morning. Although I thought it unlikely, I stopped in to eBits and asked if there was anything they could do to retrieve the file. Even though they were closing in an hour, they took my PC home and spent hours repairing it so that I would have the file ready to turn in. Knowing that I was a student, they gave me an unbelievable deal that I could not have found anywhere else. Really… nowhere else would have taken my laptop home to work after to recover files from a damaged hard drive, especially at the price they gave me. I would sincerely recomend anyone to go to eBits with their computer trouble. They have friendly, reliable service at really great prices.”
-Carolyn (Seattle, WA)

“eBits saved my data and my life!!. After my mac hard drive crashed last week during finals, I took it to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store who said there was about a 3% chance of getting any of my data back, and they couldn’t do anything. I was so distraught! Luckily, they did recommend me to eBits. Jesper and his crew rushed my computer in and spent hours upon hours working on it. Jesper was so kind when I was so stressed, and got 95% of all the data back! I couldn’t believe they did it in only 3 days in time for finals, and for a price I could actually pay. I looked at similar places that charged 3 times as much! Now my computer works like new. Jesper and everyone at eBits are real miracle workers, they are absolutely amazing!!”
-Stephanie C.

“I had a great experience getting my computer fixed from you guys. My computer was ready with a brand new screen the next day, which was more than ideal considering I had midterms all this week. Not to mention the fact that I got it fixed for less than half the price that it would have been for me to get it fixed by Apple.
Thank you so much once again and if I have any more issues with my computer I know to take it to you first.”
-Taylor W. (Seattle, WA)

“I first started going to eBits when I was in college and having issues with my laptop. I am now graduated working in the Technology industry and eBits is still my go-to place! Recently my MAC laptop had an accident with a large amount of water and Jesper and his staff was able to get all my data recovered with such diligence and at an extremely great price. Insurance is now helping me to get a new computer and he is assisting in the recycling of my old computer. eBits is a store you can trust to take care of you and work within your financial means. Thank you for such a great experience.”
-Hilary B. (Seattle, WA)

“My desktop needed repair or replaced. I found out through eBits that I could either have new hard drives put in or buy a new desktop tower and they would install it for me at home. Since my mobility is limited, they did all the work for me including installing software that I had requested. They also provided expert advice about additional software I should have.
Hands down, they are the best and really reasonable in price. There are other services out there but I would highly recommend eBits for your computer needs. It will save you time and money by going to them first knowing you are receiving the best professional service anywhere! Their level of service and experience is by far the greatest I’ve experienced before. You will definitely not go wrong with them!! Thank goodness there is a service out there that is fast, friendly and knows exactly how to fix and install a computer properly. Jesper and the eBits team, thank you!”
-Tod S. (Seattle, WA)

“I took my computer in because the hard drive was failing. I have years of data on the computer and they managed to glean almost all of it, at a fraction of the cost of everyone else’s data mining. They installed a new hard drive, reloaded windows, MS office, and a host of other userful programs and did it for an extremely cheap price! When I got the computer back, I noticed there was a dent in the keyboard. I took it back thinking something had happened during the repairs. Jesper was incredibly patient, took responsibility without knowing what had happened, and was prepared to install a new keyboard. My roommate then owned up to having dented the keyboard before I took it into them (it was hard to notice prior). Jesper once again was incredibly patient and generous and sold me a used keyboard at a fraction of the priced of a new one, and did the installation for free. It’s absolutely clear these guys want repeat customers and do not take advantage of you to make a quick buck. I will be using them for all of my computer repairs from here on out. Thanks again Jesper!”
-Tom R.

“I could not be happier with my experience at eBits — I highly recommend it to anyone needing laptop service. After bringing my laptop in to have the power jack repaired, they replaced the jack, repaired the damage to the motherboard (saving me the considerable money it would take to have it replaced entirely), and supplied a new AC adapter. They even put a rush on the job so I could get back to designing for my clients. Excellent customer service, great repair work, and an unbeatable price. Five stars!”
-Christabelle H.

“Jesper, you left me and my daughter “Anna” with confidence when we dropped off her laptop for repair due to drop in a parking lot. Your expert diagnosis of problems with the mother board and working with Dell warranty to make it right was excellent. Thanks again for your good work.”
-Skip K.

“I could not have asked for a more perfect outcome to my problem. Not only did they exactly what I was looking for and what I needed, but the cost of the service was outstanding. For all of the hours they put into recovering my files, I was astonished at how little they charged me. I could have easily spent up to $1,000 to have this done elsewhere, but eBits only charged my a fraction of the price. Thank you again for recovering my music composition files.”
-Scott H.

“Dell telephone customer service diagnosed that our PC’s motherboard needed to be replaced. I took the PC to eBits and Jesper indicated his staff would do an assessment and get back to me. The problem ended up being very unusual. The eBits techs could not replicate the problem we were having at home. They determined the motherboard was not the problem, but were not sure what actually was causing the problem. A tech came to our house to see if he could diagnose the problem there (for no extra charge). The eBits staff also backed up all our data to make sure we did not lose it, given the computer’s erratic behavior. In the end, a new mouse resolved the problem. Jesper and his staff were patient with our frustration and committed to resolving the issue. During the process, they assured us that we would not be charged if they could not get the computer working for us. We appreciate eBits commitment to resolving issues cost effectively and to building long term relationships with customers. We will continue to work with them to resolve our computer problems. Thanks guys!”
-Veronica S.

“I would like to take the time here to recomend the services of eBits Computer Store in the University District. Our lap-top was fixed very quickly and at a resonable price. We are very pleased and will be glad give our highest prase of eBits service and workmanship. Our repaired computer was ready in time for our 50th wedding celebration and we used it for a continous slide show with a projector.”
-Dwight S.

“You guys did a great job for me – fixing my laptop and holding my hand
through the process so I was confidently back up and running even though we
had to wipe out my hard drive and replace it. I am most appreciative!”
-Sally N.

“Jesper and his colleagues did a great job fixing our computer. They communicated with us at every stage of the process. Their pricing structure is very fair and they do a great job of explaining the problems and repairs. Thank you for the great service!”
-Hope C.

“I have been a customer at the eBits on the Ave. since I moved to Seattle 2 years ago. When the movers smashed my computer, they were able to save the data. When my laptop hardd drive fried, they replaced it and again saved my precious data. They also did a power jack replacement for me. And they always find a way to save me some money. I’ll always come to eBits for my computer repair needs.”
-Daniel H.

“Jesper and his team were EXCELLENT when i took my laptop in. i had a slew of viruses and my computer was returned in a reasonable amount of time, and i couldn’t be happier with the work they did. if i ever have another problem with my laptop, i will take it to eBits. i highly recommend this business to others.”

“Jesper at eBits is very friendly and helpful. He trusts me . He even let me borrow his own laptop once. When I bought a laptop from him he let me make payments on it which is not something he usually does I like the personal service at eBits compared to the mega-giant stores.”
-Gail B.

“I consider these guys the best find I’ve had in years! It’s a wonderful feeling to know you’re going to be treated fairly. My bill for repairs came to about $300 and I know other shops would have charged at least $500. AND, they make house calls! You can feel confident when visiting them… they’re as honest as the day is long!”
-Mary H.

“What stands out most to me about my experience with eBits was the speed at which my laptop repair was accomplished. I gave it to Jesper on a Thursday, and despite having to order a new screen, it was repaired by the next Tuesday. He also went the extra mile and found a screen that cost less than half of what a new screen from IBM would have cost and was wonderfully pleasant to do business with. I will definitely return for all my laptop
service needs.”
-Robert D.

“I have had a couple of laptop melt-downs over the years, but the folks at ebits have always pulled through for me. The last time I took my Dell in, the power was starting to go. I was told my mother board needing fixing. Not only did I get a call from the owner explaining the problem and telling me what the fee was, but he knew this was my primary work computer and followed through on fixing my laptop within 24 hours without charging me extra. These guys are truly professional, courteous and care about their customers. They don’t seem to be in business to rip people off like some other laptop shops out there, but really work for their customers.”

“After having a problem with another laptop repair store on Lake City I decided to try the new eBits location and I was definitely impressed. Not only was it cheaper to get the same problem fixed but it took half the time. I had nothing but a pleasant experience here from the repairs to customer service. I will definitely bring not only my laptop but my wife’s as well.”

“Thank you so much for helping me. You guys were so fast. I appreciate all your help :)
-Megan S.

“My laptop died awhile back after about two months of being uncooperative, and I had a week to go before midterms. It was the same week as my friend’s gave out. I took mine down the street to eBits, she sent hers to GeekSquad. Result: she waited two weeks to find out that she basically needed a new computer, while I spent $250 to get mine back in shape. The service was great, and I had my computer back in a few days even though it was super messed up. This is the second time I get it fixed there (last time I somehow managed to break the hinges and they also got it done super fast) – I’ll definitely go back again if needed.”
-Ana L. (Seattle, WA)

“After having my brand new MacBook destroyed by a leaky roof, I took it to eBits. I noticed they had high ratings and they did so for good reason! Yeah my computer was beyond repair, but they were able to salvage my data! They even offered a loner computer while the repair was being done in case I needed something. They were able to find my data and totally save the day. Definitely will be back if I need any further help.”
-Mark R. (Seattle, WA)

“I’ve been to eBits 3-4 times with problems on a very old computer of mine, and another that belongs to my son. I had great experiences every time. Jesper is VERY fair with his pricing and goes the extra mile to make sure I know the status and the cost. I used a couple of other service companies before I started going to eBits, and I’ll never go anywhere else. I’ve sent a number of friends there, and feel great about recommending them”
-Janet E. (Seattle, WA)

“eBits in the University District has exceeded my expectations and for half the price of places of its kind! They were able to save ALL my data on a completely crashed hard drive, and installed a quality part to replace my crashed hardware. They were friendly, quick, and easy to work with. We have taken 2 computers here and have been happy both times. I highly recommend eBits in the UDistrict!”
-Kayla S. (Seattle, WA)

“Jesper went the extra mile to get my laptop repaired quickly because I needed it urgently for business. No extra charge for that. His price was competitive, but the advantage was his sensitivity to my situation. The repair was well-done, too.”
-Robert A. (Port Orchard, WA)

“They were incredibly fast, inexpensive and professional. My laptop was destroyed and they fixed it in 24 hours for less money than it would have cost me to buy the parts directly from HP. This is a great shop.”
-Alex A. (Seattle, WA)

“Was very impressed with the data recovery service price. Work was complete in a timely manner. Would recommend and definitely use again.”
-Benevon S. (Seattle, WA)

“I’ve used them twice for fairly simple stuff. As is often the case, I was in a panic, or a rush and eBits was able to taker care of my PC within 24 hours. The test of a good relationship often is how parties react when something goes wrong. They had replaced a power supply for me, and through no fault of theirs, but rather a faulty component from a suppliers, it failed a few months later. I was ready to be mad and confrontational, but they quickly diagnosed the problem and replaced it (Again less than 24 hours) with no charge to me.”
-Matt W. (King, WA)

“Never in my life have I written a review before, but just felt I had to for this company. I’ve had to take my Dell in to eBits 3 times since I’ve owned it. The first time, all I needed was a new powercord that my dog chewed through. The folks at the shop handed me one for free and said “don’t forget us if you have a bigger problem!” Of course, I didn’t forget and took it back for a screen repair. Most recently, I was having problems with my power to the computer. I mentioned in passing that this was my primary computer as I work for myself. I got a call from the owner that afternoon saying he remembered me and would turn it around in ONE DAY. Which they did. Always pleasant, always reasonable and great businesspeople. As a side note–I live close to the laptop repair shop on Aurora and I can tell you that I figured they were the same business-wise as they are as people (nasty, dishonest, rude). Even though I can walk to the Aurora shop, I DRIVE to eBits-VERY worth it.”
-M.R. (Seattle, WA)

“I had a great experience with eBits. I woke up in the morning after shutting down my laptop the previous night, and came to find that my laptop was not booting properly. Thankfully a good buddy of mine referred me to eBits. The service was quick and painless, and the employees were very professional and friendly. After a few days my laptop was back and fully functional. I am confident that eBits can for fill anyone’s technical computer needs in a quick and professional manner for a good price.”

“I brought my laptop to eBits this week. I was not an easy customer, but thankfully they were much more easygoing than I am. My laptop’s issues are all fixed, and Jesper, John, and everyone else there was incredibly helpful, polite, and accomodating. I strongly recommend eBits, and I would definitely bring another computer there. Thank you!”

“My dell laptop crashed and I lost everything. Naturally, I freaked out and took it to the closest computer repair shop which happened to be ebitz. They were super friendly and were able to recover all of my lost data. They charged me a relatively cheap amount compared to what their hourly rate is and what their competitors charge. It would have been $500 worth of labor but charged me for half. I would recommend this place to anyone. I would also recommend buying a mac so you your computer doesn’t crash.”

“I can’t say enough good about these guys. They’ve done work for me twice and they will always go out of their way to take care of me. I’m glad I found them and I’ll never go elsewhere.”
-Nate D.

“eBits gets it right in every phase of a service business. Their representatives, from the owner on down, are knowledgeable, responsive, and perhaps most importantly, completely honest. I have needed quick turnarounds on several occassions and eBits went out of their way to get it done for me. Their prices are also very reasonable. They fixed just what needed to be fixed, did it quickly, and did it right. I went to another vendor in town before I went to eBits and my experience there was very different. I will not go anywhere other than eBits again.”

“Knowledgable and friendly Took my bad hard drive to another store that told me it would cost $2000 to get my data. As a last resort I thought I’d try eBits. eBits went out of their way and were able to get my data for a few hundred bucks. Can’t say enough about Jesper and his friendly crew. Highly recommended. “
-Mr. K

“eBits laptop repair I googled laptop repairs and tried eBits at their 50th & University Way location. After a couple of negative experiences with others, I can easily recommend eBits for knowledge, turnaround time and customer service. They were very clear in describing the probable and then actual problem and fixed it for the estimated cost. It is a very professional outfit. “

“Took my bad hard drive to another store that told me it would cost $2000 to get my data. As a last resort I thought I’d try eBits. eBits went out of their way and were able to get my data for a few hundred bucks. Can’t say enough about Jesper and his friendly crew. Highly recommended.”

“eBits not only saved all the data from my crashing hard drive, they only charged me a portion of what it should have cost them to preform the procedure. I thought that my pictures, documents, and most importantly… music, were lost, but eBits got them back for me at a price that I could pay. They really care about the customer and making sure they are satisfied. If you have any laptop problem, GO TO eBits. Now.”

“My laptop was seriously damaged during international travel, and I was afraid I had lost a year’s worth of photos and personal documents which held a great deal of value for me. eBits was recommended by University Book Store as a reliable laptop repair and data recovery company. Jesper and his technicians were always friendly and patient and answered all of my questions. At first they told me it looked unlikely my data could be recovered. However, since they knew that for me this data was irreplaceable, they went the extra mile. Lo and behold, they recovered nearly all of the files from my badly damaged hard drive. Of course I was worried about the cost as I was on a student budget. Jesper knew this and charged me an amount I could pay, even though his technicians put many hours into recovering my files. I simply could not have found such great service at such a reasonable price anywhere else.”

“I am extremely happy with Ebits that I will never go any place else for my computer needs. The customer service, price and professionalism was exceptional!”

“I dropped in here to get some memory added to my laptop. Work was completed by Ali who was very friendly and professional and completed the job quickly. He also answered all my questions and explained the “techy” things in a way I could understand. Good service.”
-Wasabi S.