SwiftKey X virtual keyboard launches for Android

We’re no strangers to SwiftKey, and today TouchType is launching a new version of everyone’s favorite Android virtual keyboard: the SwiftKey Tablet X for devices running Honeycomb, and SwiftKey X for devices running on Android 2.x. Both applications represent an improvement on the original with the use of TouchType’s Fluency 2.0 artificial intelligence engine. This is a unique predictive phrase system which learns the nuances of your writing style. New features include cloud learning, which analyzes how you type in Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, and text messages to predict the phrases you use, plus keypress technology which constantly monitors your typing precision and adapts the touch-sensitivity for each key to improve prediction accuracy. SwiftKey now supports seventeen languages and is smart enough to interpret three languages simultaneously. There’s also a handful of other exciting enhancements, including support for themes which allow users to customize the look and feel of their keyboard. The split-keyboard option we first encountered at CES has arrived in the tablet version.

We have been testing SwiftKey Tablet X on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for a few days now, alongside SwiftKey X on a handful of phones, and it’s probably the best virtual keyboard we’ve yet used on Android. In fact, it’s now replacing the stock keyboard on all our HTC Sense-equipped handsets. Prediction accuracy improves quickly after you start using the keyboard, and we appreciated having the option to turn off the spacebar-triggered auto-completion of words and phrases. Another useful feature is the ability to display arrow/cursor keys on the phone version. The supplied themes are attractive (especially Neon), and the layouts are intuitive; although we’d have preferred the numbers to be arranged in a row instead of mimicking a numpad. Both applications are available today only for $1.99 in the Android Market. Regular pricing is $4.99 for SwiftKey Tablet X, and $3.99 for SwiftKey X.