Sprint to get iPhone 4S and iPhone 4

Regardless of whether Sprint dropped $20 billion, or whether just the right combination of phrases to the right combination of people, Dan Hesse finally has an iPhone to call his own. Despite The Now Network’s stellar lineup of Android devices (and that increasingly more valuable Everything plan), Sprint’s been struggling to gain postpaid subscribers for as long as most can remember. Granted, the prepaid arm is doing alright, but without Apple’s cash cow sitting on its shelves — well, let’s just say the company’s shareholders are apt to be pleased with today’s turn of events. As you might have guessed, the specs for Sprint’s version perfectly match the Verizon model — both have an EVDO radio for 3G within the US, and a GSM one for service outside the country. As with AT&T and Verizon, Sprint customers longing for the 4S’s dual-core A5 processor, 8MP camera, dual-mode radio and Siri personal assistant can place their pre-orders starting this Friday, October 7th, with the phone officially landing a week later, on the 14th.

Update: And now that Apple’s website is live again we’re seeing that Sprint is getting not just the iPhone 4S, but the 8GB iPhone 4 as well.