Sony VAIO Laptop and Computer Repair in Seattle

eBits works hard to provide you with reliable Sony VAIO computer repair services. Sony VAIO products in general are designed not only with style in mind, but also durability and ease of use. Even fairly standard components like power supplies, power jacks, and video cards have an advanced, proprietary design that combine to make a seamless, robust, powerful unit.

You paid for a quality computer that can easily last you twice as long as a competing device, so don’t give up on your Sony VAIO computer if it’s misbehaving. Even if the Sony VAIO store suggests purchasing a new one instead, eBits can likely breathe new life into your Sony VAIO at a very reasonable rate. We specialize in repairing Sony VAIO devices, not convincing you to buy a new one.

We go the extra mile to preserve your investment in your Sony VAIO Computer and get it working again, even if that means replacing individual components on the motherboard. So bring your Sony VAIO Computer in with confidence. We can fix any problem you might have. eBits’ trained technicians are experienced at servicing all makes and models of Sony VAIO computers including:

  • Sony VAIO E Series Laptop
  • Sony VAIO S Series Laptop
  • Sony VAIO T Series Ultrabook
  • Sony VAIO Z Series Laptop
  • Sony VAIO L Series Desktop
  • Sony VAIO Laptop
  • Sony VAIO Desktop
  • And More!

Genuine Sony VAIO Parts & 100% Compatible Parts

Most of the Sony VAIO PC and Notebooks we service are physically compatible with non-Sony VAIO parts, but these parts aren’t always the most reliable. We have access to Genuine Sony VAIO parts to repair your computer repair service. Because we source from high-volume vendors, we get significant discounts. In fact, we routinely beat Sony’s prices!

Common Sony VAIO Computer Repair Services

  • Sony VAIO Laptop Motherboard Repairs
  • Sony VAIO Laptop Motherboard Replacements
  • Sony VAIO Laptop Power Supply Testing
  • Sony VAIO Laptop Power Supply Replacements
  • Sony VAIO Laptop Data Recovery
  • Sony VAIO Laptop Data Transfer
  • Sony VAIO Laptop Hard Drive Repair
  • Sony VAIO Laptop Hard Drive Replacement
  • Sony VAIO Laptop Keyboard Repair
  • Sony VAIO Laptop Touchpad Repair or Replacement
  • Sony VAIO Laptop Memory (RAM) Replacement or Upgrades
  • Sony VAIO Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Sony VAIO Laptop Upgrades
  • Sony VAIO Laptop Cooling Enhancements
  • Virus, Spyware, Trojan, Worms and Adware Removal
  • Windows, Linux and Apple Operating System Repair or Re-installation
  • and many more!

And just like all our computer repair services, all our Sony VAIO services are covered by
eBits’ 5-Point Price Protection Guarantee.

Call the eBits Staff at (206) 525-2266 Now for Your Free Consultation.

And don’t worry if you can’t bring your computer to us. We’ll give you the same great computer repair service and the same 5-Point Price Protection Guarantee for work we do at your home or office.
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