Laptop Repair

Get the right solutions to your laptop’s problems and our 5-Point Price Protection Guarantee.

Laptop Repair

Save money with true laptop repair.

Don’t pay for a new laptop that you don’t need. Too many computer stores needlessly dispose of problem laptops. Due to eBits’ state-of the-art diagnostics capabilities and extensive parts sourcing, we routinely repair laptops that other computer stores write-off. That means with eBits, we get your laptop up and running quickly at an affordable price without adding unnecessary waste to already packed landfills.

We repair nearly any laptop problem.

eBits handles the entire spectrum of laptop repair including cosmetic issues, screen problems, operating system errors, and software problems like viruses and spyware.

Common Laptop Repair Services:

Our laptop repair technicians service computers running any editions of Windows OS, Mac OS, as well as many Linux Distributions! We are able to provide expert service on all makes and models of laptops, including:

and many more.

We’re the place to come for data recovery on your laptop.

Laptops are susceptible to hardware problems. Because they’re thin and compact, they’re prone to overheating. Because they’re portable, laptops are more vulnerable to impacts and more susceptible to being dropped. Any time your laptop takes a fall from more than a few inches, it can shake loose a cable or cause lasting damage to circuit boards or other internal components. Additionally, because you place your laptop on the same flat surface as you would your beverages, the potential for liquid to enter the chassis of your computer and cause critical damage is always present.

If you find yourself in one of these unfortunate situations, we can help. If you need mission-critical or important personal information from your laptop, we are happy to assist you with our full range of data recovery services to complete your overall repair solution.

Most other laptop repair shops can only recover data from software issues or user error. At eBits, we go further and do more to recover your data for more extreme cases. eBits advanced data recover technology recovers the important data that other shops can’t.

And of course, every bit of work we do is covered by eBits’ 5-Point Price Protection Guarantee

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If you can’t make it to one of our three locations, don’t worry, we’ll give you the same great service and the same 5-Point Price Protection Guarantee for work we do at your home or office.