Computer and Laptop Recycling

Do you have an old desktop tower that’s collecting dust? Is your laptop beyond repair? Computers and computer accessories like these can not generally be thrown away via conventional means. Such items need to be taken in for proper disposal or recycling. Some people find this process inconvenient, which is why eBits PC Laptop is pleased to offer recycling services with our two Seattle area locations.

Through our network of local recycling services, we are able to keep old computers out of the landfill. This also serves to ensure that the raw materials are put to good use in the manufacturing of new goods. If you have an old desktop, laptop, monitor, or printer that you want to part with, eBits will recycle these items for you.

The suggested donation for recycling is $5 per item. Every dollar collected for recycling is directly donated to the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Help us do our part to keep the earth greener and drop off any computer related components you need to have recycled. You can stop by either of our two convenient locations, any day of the week and we will gladly help you with any of your computer recycling needs.

Contact us for more details about our computer recycling program.