iPhone 4S Repair

iPhone-4iPhone 4S is still one of the most popular smart­phones in the mar­ket. We know acci­dents hap­pen and here at eBits, we can help you solve many of the com­mon iPhone 4S issues you may be hav­ing. Does your iPhone 4S suf­fer from a water dam­age or a cracked screen? Even a bad bat­tery? We can help with our full-service iPhone 4S repairs. The price includes parts, labor, and a 90 day war­ranty. In-store repairs can usu­ally be done in 45 min­utes while you wait. Best of all we have 2 loca­tions to serve you in the Seat­tle area University Dis­trict and Capitol Hill. So no mat­ter what issue you are hav­ing with your iPhone 4S one of our knowl­edge­able eBits iPhone 4S repair tech­ni­cians can help you.

iPhone 4S Repair Services

  • Screen Assembly Repair $65.00
  • Cracked Back Cover Repair $30.00
  • Front Camera Repair $35.00
  • Back Camera Repair $35.00
  • Battery Repair $40.00
  • Ear Piece Repair $40.00
  • Vibrator Switch $40.00
  • Charging Port/Mic Repair $49.00
  • Home Button Repair $40.00
  • Headphone Jack Repair $40.00
  • Loud Speaker Repair $35.00
  • Volume Button Repair $40.00
  • Power Button Repair $40.00
  • Smartphone Water Damage Repair
  • Software or Data Recovery