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Depend on eBits to Recover Critical Data that Others Can’t Reach.

3 Reasons to call on eBits to recover your data, even if others have failed:

  • eBits uses DeepSpar low-level disk recovery technology, the only technology on the market that can recover data from failed, corrupted, or unstable disk drives, the source of 68% of data loss.
  • With our special industry partnerships, eBits can recover data even in extreme cases that require an ISO 5 cleanroom environment or certified secure data recovery processes.

eBits Recovers Data in Cases that Competitors Can’t Handle

We have a successful track record of retrieving data that’s been lost, destroyed, or corrupted due to harmful computer viruses, file deletion, or damage from water, fire, and electrical surges – even when other repair shops have failed.

Data Recovery in Seattle, at eBits we use DeepSpar disk recovery technology and nothing else. This enables us to recover data even from faulty hardware. In fact, we can recover information from just about anything that holds data: your hard drive, disks, compact discs, DVDs, memory cards, even USB flash drives.

Most of our competitors use standard imaging equipment to scan for your data. That approach works fine when you’ve lost data due to user error or software problems. However, this approach flat out fails in the majority of more severe cases. This is due to the fact that 68% of data loss is attributable to hardware problems, not software or user issues.

Critical Data Recovery shop in Seattle

No data recovery job too extreme!

Although we can handle almost any data recovery and backup in-house, some extreme cases of damage or failure will require that your hard drive be opened up in a clean room environment. If that’s the case, we work closely with Drive Savers tier-1 recovery house that has an unmatched record for successfully restoring data.

Why Data Recovery in a Class 100 Room is Necessary Sometimes

Hard drives are the most important part of your laptop and desktop. Your hard drive stores all of your data, operating system and software. Without it your computer would not be able to operate. This is why it is imperative that you do not put your hard drive in extreme temperatures as it may increase its chances of getting damaged.

The way hard drives work is by storing data on the surface of a metal platter, which spins at extremely high speeds as a mechanical arm moves around the surface of the disk to read and write data. Common data recovery situations are caused by hard drive mechanical failures. The most common hard drive failures are caused by damage to the surface of the disk, failure to the reader arm which writes and reads data on the drive, failure of the ball bearing that spins the disk.

On extremely rare occasions fire or water is the problem in these cases you need a specialized form of data recovery. Since the data on the hard drive has been exposed to dust particles adding more dust particles can be catastrophic. Even the smallest piece of dust that falls on an exposed drive platter can damage it irreparably, making the data unrecoverable. This is when a Clean room is necessary to recover your data. The only form of a clean room is a class 100 clean room which is a room that maintains less than one hundred particles larger than 0.5 microns in each cubic foot of air space. The class 100 clean room environment will increase your chances of saving the precious data stored on your hard drive.

Of course, we guarantee we’ll advise you of your data-recovery options before any work starts so you know you’re not paying for services you don’t need.

We handle the contents of your hard drive or device with the utmost care and discretion. Without exception, we treat your data as if it is confidential, private, and irreplaceable.

You never pay a premium price for our premium service.

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All data recovery work performed by our staff is covered by eBits’
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